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Cindy Slanina, M.A.


Astrology facilitates an AWARENESS of the deeper currents and crosscurrents present in every moment.

Applying this awareness to your lived experience yields INSIGHT as you become aware of patterns in thinking, behavior or belief that undermine your sense of direction and purpose.

The integration of insight will lead to fundamental

shifts that bring the core parts of you into

conscious  ALIGNMENT.

GEMINI MOON  can guide and support you

through this ongoing process.


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Astrology: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

Cindy Slanina, M.A., is a counseling astrologer who lives in Landenberg, Pennsylvania. Following more than twenty years of self-study, Cindy formalized her astrological education at Kepler College in 2017. She began reading charts for friends and family, and gradually, through word of mouth, her private passion became a profession. She remains an avid and active student of all forms of ancient and modern astrology. Cindy is a member of the the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) and the Organization of Professional Astrologers (OPA).


Cindy's practice of astrology led to an interest in archetypal and spiritual psychology. In 2019, following completion of a master's degree in transpersonal psychology, her practice broadened to include transpersonal coaching within the astrological framework.


In her pre-astrology life, Cindy was an award-winning television news and documentary producer for a major market PBS station. Her freelance credits include national and international productions for nonprofit and corporate clients.


"Working with Cindy, I learned to trust myself and my life again. I know that what is happening right now is exactly what I need. I feel more optimistic than ever. Truly amazing! "


Elizabeth R., Florida, USA

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