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A Natal Horoscope

START HERE: Birth Chart Reading

1 hour /  $125

A natal horoscope is a chart that is cast for the moment of your birth at a specific place on Earth. The chart then becomes the symbolic representation of all aspects of You in physical space and time. In order to cast a natal chart, the following information is necessary: place of birth, date, and the exact time, preferably from a birth document. An accurate time is essential to an accurate chart.  All other charts are based on the foundation of the natal chart; therefore, a natal reading is a prerequisite for all other readings, even if you have had your chart read by another astrologer. 

Astrology Charts and Symbols

Astrological Forecasting:
Solar Returns, Transits and Progressions

1 hour /  $125

Your personalized astrological forecast for the year ahead includes three elements: transits, progressions, and solar returns.

A transit reading focuses on the current positions of the planets relative to your birth chart and show areas of life that reflect the current astrological “weather.”

Secondary progressions show how the natal promise contained in your birth chart is progressing or unfolding. The progressed chart is more representative of your internal experience—kind of a behind the scenes reading. Often, a progressed reading feels more relevant and topical than a natal horoscope because it is a snapshot of where you are in your unfolding.

Finally, solar returns occur once a year when the Sun returns to its exact position in your natal chart. The resulting horoscope acts as a type of birth chart for the coming year. The solar return reading can illuminate areas of focus, challenge, or ease in the months ahead.

Gazing at the Moon


 1 hour / $125

Packages Available

Astrology provides insight in three areas: lived experience, psychology, and spirituality. By engaging with astrology on a deeper level, you can become more aware of the psychological and spiritual undercurrents that determine the quality of your lived experience. Conflicts within the psyche often manifest negatively. Becoming more aware of your inner conflicts, as reflected in the charts, allows you to work with those energies in more constructive and creative ways. Ongoing astrological coaching supports change by facilitating awareness.


Often, when difficult circumstances arise, a targeted consultation helps you define the role of the challenge in your ongoing psychological and spiritual development. With compassionate support, you can learn to welcome the lessons and growth that challenge provides. Astrological coaching can help you embrace that life happens for you and not to you.

Email for a free, exploratory session. A natal reading is necessary for coaching.

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