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Before You Book a Session

Astrology is an interpretive art based on the specific date, time and place of your birth. Accuracy of birth information is integral to an accurate reading.  All charts will be based on the information given with the assumption that it is correct and from a reliable source, like a birth record.  

If you do not have access to your birth information but know your birth date and place, a process called rectification can be used to narrow a time window by utilizing known life events as markers. This process requires an additional consultation resulting in additional costs. Please email me for more information. 


What to Expect in a Reading

Disclaimer: Astrologers are trained to interpret astrological symbols utilizing techniques honed over centuries of practice. Astrology does not predict specific events. No guarantees are made regarding any outcome discussed during a reading. You are responsible for applying the information provided to you during a session to your life or situation. 

The Big Three

A reading begins with a breakdown of the three major personal points of the chart: the sun, the moon, and the ascendant. You'll learn how the energies of these three essential chart elements blend to create your unique personality and approach to life.

Life Themes

Next, major themes of the chart will be explored. Special gifts and challenges show up as specific geometric aspects between planets. Tips will be given in how to utilize gifts and mitigate challenges.

Soul Path

A natal reading also includes an analysis of your soul path, the soul's unique plan for this life, will be interpreted using the placement of the nodes of the moon and any aspects made to the nodes. Major soul themes will be explored and discussed, including an analysis of areas ripe for spiritual growth. 

Time for Q&A 

Every reading includes time for questions. Often, questions arise after you have had a chance to evaluate and integrate your reading. Follow up questions and clarifications are encouraged! Above all else, your reading should be useful. If your question or inquiry requires more detail than can fit comfortably in an email, a supplemental session can be scheduled. Or, consider astrological coaching for ongoing support.

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